Do you also want the tools and techniques to have a better birth?

A birth with less pain, where you will feel in control and in which you can manage your contractions?

Our hypnobirthing courses are very relaxing and practical

Learn in a small group environment all about how to manage your birth and how your birthpartner can help and coach you when necessary.

In this hypnobirthing course you’ll practice the highly effective hypnobirthing techniques and have the chance to interact personally with your teacher who will guide you through the exercises, answer your questions and provide support.

We will keep 1,5 meters distance and adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM.

Find out how to create your own affirmations, how to effectively breathe through your contractions, how to release fears and gain confidence. You will also be able listen to relaxing hypnobirthing audio sessions to release fears and build confidence for your birth.

Partners love being a part of the birth, learning powerful techniques that are also useful elsewhere in life.

It’s easy to learn hypnobirthing with our courses so please don’t hesitate, book your class now as places are limited for every course location.

Give your baby the best start in life and book your place now.

hypnobirthing course in Den Bosch

Gretha – Midwife Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis

I would recommend this hypnobirthing course to everyone. It will teach you both very powerful tools on how to use the power of your mind but also how your partner can support you. This way is really becomes something you do as a team.

Course dates & locations


Course dates & locations

Utrecht  –1 day course
time: 9.30 am – 5 pm by Helianthe

  • Tuesday 9 August 2022
  • Tuesday 6 September 2022
  • Tuesday 25 October 2022

More info on Helianthe and her courses in Utrecht

Rotterdam  – 2 evening course

time: 6.30 pm – 9.45 pm by Helianthe

  • Monday 22 august & monday 5 September  2022

More info on Helianthe and her courses in Rotterdam

Eindhoven  – 2 day course

time: 9.30 am – 1 pm by Elke

  • Saturday 27 & Sunday 28  August 2022

More info on Elke and her courses in Eindhoven

Live & Online via Zoom (2 evenings)
Time:  6.45 pm – 10 pm by Kristl

  • Sat & Sun 6 & 7 August 2022
  • Sat & Sun 13 & 14 August 2022
  • Sat & Sun 20 & 21 August 2022
  • Sat & Sun 27 & 28 August 2022
  • Sat & Sun 6 & 7 August 2022

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What do you learn during a Mucha Mama’s hypnobirthing course:

  • Why a lot of women experience pain during birth
  • Explanation on the workings of the uterus
  • Explanation on the fight flight syndrome during birth
  • Deep breathing technique for your contractions
  • Breathing technique for relaxation
  • How you can avoid fear or anxiety during birth
  • The power of your thougths
  • Affirmations
  • Selfhypnosis
  • Partnershypnosis
  • Massage
  • Visualisations for a better pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Releasing fear and stress
  • How you can relax easily
  • The different fases of birth and what actions to take during each
  • How your partner can make a difference
  • What can you do if thing don’t go to plan
  • Special support and hypnosis in case of breach or transverse position
  • Special support and hypnosis to start labour naturally (and avoid induction)

Hypnobirthing course includes:

hypnobirthing course den bosch
  • An E-book filled with practical tips and tools
  • 5 deeply relaxing hypnobirthing mp3’s
  • Extra support for breech baby and induction
  • Online videos to start before the course
  • Practical Exercise book
  • Birth Plan
  • Practising Tabel